Ancient Ostia near Rome Private Guided Tour

Your 3 hour expertly guided tour through Ostia, Rome’s former port city, founded around the 4th century BC!
Ancient Ostia near Rome Private Guided Tour
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Your in-depth ticket to Ancient Ostia!

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Discover Ancient Ostia and its treasures – join your expert guide on this tour through one of the best preserved archaeological sites near Rome. On your 3 hour itinerary your expert guide will give you the context necessary to fully enjoy this travel back in time, into the 4th century BC!

  • You will be lead by an expert in history, art history, archeology, or architecture.
  • Tour in English or French, German, Spanish, Portuguese – with many other languages available upon request
  • Tour departs from the Ancient Ostia Ticket Counter
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour is available from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, at every hour
  • Tour must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance

Cancellation Policy:

  • For cancellations communicated in writing at
 least eight (8) days prior to the booked date, we will refund the full fee.
  • For cancellations between eight and two days prior to the excursion, 10% of
the fee will have to be paid.
  • From two days prior to the excursion departure, no refund will be granted.
  • No refund will be granted to any client who is not at the place of departure at the time established. Similarly, no refund will be granted to clients who lose contact with the guide or who do not complete the excursion.

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The beautifully preserved remains of Ancient Ostia lie twenty miles from Rome, in the meadows between the Tiber River and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The settlement's Latin name Ostium means "mouth of the river".

Ostia was founded around the 4th century by king Anco Marzio as a military colony to guard the river mouth against seaborne invasions. During the centuries when virtually all imports reached Rome via the Tiber, Ostia gained prominence as the domestic landing place for cargo ships. By the 2nd century AD, it had become a flourishing commercial center inhabited by upwards of 100,000 people, whose apartment buildings, taverns, and grocery shops are still intact. Ostia was a working city, the port of Rome.

The decline of Ostia began after the Barbarian invasions, when the port was abandoned and began to silt up. Ostia has had no continuing construction for over 1,500 years, which makes it a unique and perfect example of an ancient city. The archeological excavations undertaken at the beginning of the 19th century have brought the original city – a rare witness to 900 years of Roman civilization – back to light.

Ostia's amphitheater, erected in 12 BC, is a quiet, wonderfully preserved series of steep semicircular tiered stone steps for seating that can hold 3,500 spectators. The tiny stage is still intact, and although the permanent scenery which once rose three stories high behind it is no longer standing, you can easily imagine what it must have looked like during the premiere of Ovid's Medea, a play that has since been lost. Behind the theater is the Forum of the Corporations, so called because its great rectangular portico housed the offices of sixty-four maritime companies.


Price (per group):

  • 1 to 2 persons : € 216.90
  • 3 persons: € 237.22
  • 4 persons: € 257.55
  • 5 persons: € 277.89


This is a private, guided tour.

The tour will be scheduled especially for you and your party.

The cost for the guide is shared among the members of your party.

PLEASE NOTE: Admission tickets to Ostia Antica site are NOT included in the above price. You must purchase your tickets at the Ostia Antica Ticket Desk (10 euros per person, approximately).

An additional fee will be charged for special events and/or exhibits.

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